tanaRi events’ site visit: the Gramercy Hotel

By February 26, 2018Blog

When looking for a perfect wedding venue for our clients, we look for places that not only are visually appealing, but also are accommodating, flexible, and have great success rates. Luxury hotels are some of the most sought after venue for wedding couples, but finding ones that are exceptionally great have become difficult to find in recent times. In the midst, tanaRi events had the opportunity to make a site visit to the famous Gramercy Hotel, a luxurious hotel covered in inspirational art influenced heavily from the Renaissance Era.

Walking in, we took in the classy yet bohemian feel of the lobby, with exquisite artwork from artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring exhibited around, that are ingenious to look at. The dim lights of the lobby gave an elegant ambience, a perfect entryway for a luxurious yet a classy wedding. As we kept touring, we noticed charming quirks throughout the hotel from walking to the restroom to the two open bars. The venue also boasts of a tranquil park for hotel guests, New York City’s only private park!

The hotel staff are remarkably accommodating to every guest, making sure that each of their hotel room is personalized to the comfort of the visitor. Check out the picture below of the cute little surprise teddy bear for one of the hotel’s special little guest! The custom made penthouses not only has some of the best views of the city, but is filled with bold, luxurious furnishings of velvet drapery, mahogany wood, and English drinking cabinet, and hand stitched leather top desks – a wish come true for luxury loving couples!

We were also lucky enough to eat the fine dining of the hotel restaurant, where the critically acclaimed Italian food surpassed our already high expectations! Going up to the terrace of where the weddings are officiated, we were amazed at the beauty of the art and the brightness of the glass covered rooftop where light poured in from all angles! Offering a view of the Manhattan skyline from the 18th floor, we envisioned each area transformed into a wedding space and reception and were impressed by the ease of grandeur the hotel displays in each corner we turn.

A venue for the creative minds, this site grants the dream wish of all art lovers looking for the perfect original wedding!

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