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With ever growing trends, there are innumerable options to tie the knot. Couples today envision themselves getting married in premises that are authentic and suit their personal style. They are thinking beyond colors, patterns, and symbols for their big day.

A pretty patterned cushion can bring up an entire wedding theme. Your wedding style can also be inspired by your favorite movie, a pastry shop in your neighborhood or your favorite book. We’ve seen weddings themed after poems, songs or a musical.

Once nailing down the wedding style and formality, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to tie in the theme. Great places to tie in wedding themes include your stationery, lighting design, centerpiece vases, and wedding cake. For example, for formal wedding themes like gold-and-white, get gold mirrored vases with simple white flowers, architectural-inspired invitations with gold fonts, and a dramatic light.

All we are saying is, “don’t be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired fall wedding or three-color combo theme to pull off a wedding style as unique as you.

Every week we’ll be sharing some revolutionary themes that can help you freeze on your selection.

This week’s authentic theme is:

Library Love

For the couples who connected over love of reading, can incorporate this theme for their big day.

To set the tone for the whole wedding one can literally get married at an old library, and have books hung from the ceiling for the reception. To add some subtle romantic flair one can fill the venue with quirky, artifacts through literary centerpieces, card catalog escort displays, or custom-wrapped books.

With hand-picked vintage books and thrifted gems, you can take this wedding theme to a different level.

You can also incorporate your love of reading in your wedding outfits, personalized place cards and confetti holders.

The couple can also show their love for literature by sending out save the date’ cards that look like library cards and have there menu cards designed as book contents.

Take a step further by sending a school bus to pick up your guests.

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest and the key to successfully personalizing your wedding is to “Bring in something that will remind people of you, whether it’s a color you love to wear, a special song, or even just a feeling.” But don’t feel pressured to pick a theme out of nowhere just for the sake of throwing an unbelievable party.

Visit our blog next week to catch up on more unique wedding themes for your big day.

Image Source: Pinterest, offbeat bride & shutterfly

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